"In the Icehotel’s tool shed one can see, scribbled on the wooden wall, a saying: ‘You must believe in what does not exist, for what exists now, hasn’t always been there either’.

AnnaSofia Mååg whispered the same wise words to me, gently and with confidence. She did so in a moment of uncertainty, as we stood by our work desk which was buried under papers, empty coffee mugs and sketches of what this year’s Main Hall might look like. This old saying captures the quintessence of the Icehotel spirit; this is what a strong wish is made of.

We will surely make our own wishes by the well in our secret garden; in fact, ours will be the very first of the upcoming season... Beware though! If you see us pottering around our garden, don’t bother to ask us what we wished for, as we will keep it all to ourselves."

- Alessandro Falca, Autumn 2013